In each collection LOW POSH follow the mission: is to create the simple, but high-quality up-to-date pieces, that every women can be confident with. We deliver the well-curated wardrobe effortlessness that help comply with staying ready for any occasions over time. Everything is starts from the fabric or yarn.

Considering our signature collection, most our pieces is a knitwear. We are in love with the heavy-weight and massive yarn. The quality is the first thing that we notice. We catch the high-quality yarn from all over the world, but mostly we use the finest wool or cashmere yarn blends from Italy. Our fabric-agent spends hours to get the yarn that will meet our requirements. That is what we call posh. We working hard to create an up-to-date, but simple classic items.

Created by women LOW POSH is meticulously and permanently traces woman’s needs. Our designer create the patterns with professional sewers to ensure the universal and perfected fit and silhouette. Paying special attention to handcrafting in LOW POSH we are seeking a unique methods to avoid over-cutting of fabrics. That is what we call low.